• Project 5: Facilities & Campus Upgrades

    Project Updates

    • First-priority projects from deferred maintenance list have been identified as elevator upgrades and Title IX upgrades
    • Facilities deferred maintenance list is being analyzed to determine final list of priority projects to be covered by the bond funds.
    • RFQ/RFP draft is in process to establish roster list of architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, etc.

    Summer 2016 Priority Projects

    • Title IX: ADA/Locker room upgrades in Randall Hall
    • Randall Hall tunnel repair
    • Roof replacements at Dye Learning Center, Street Hall, Lewelling and a portion of Gregory Forum
  • Elevators Upgrades
    • Elevator/ADA upgrades in Barlow, McLoughlin, and Randall Halls
    • Construction to occur summer 2017.
    • Elevator cab and product data submittals have been reviewed and issued to Yorke and Curtis.
    • Elevators have been ordered.
    • Barlow Hall ADA ramp remodel design is in process.
    Title IX Upgrades
    • Project is almost complete. Punch list items are still being resolved. Closeout is in process.
    • Lockers have been installed. Final parts to be installed by the end of January.
    Randall Tunnel Repair
    • Possibly a summer 2017 project.
    • Will be a design/build project.
    Meyers Road Extension
    • College is working with city of Oregon City in the Master Planning pre-application process.
    • The college continues to track transportation grant opportunities.
    • Lancaster conducted a required traffic analysis.
    • Meyers Road land acquisitions are in process.
    • A ConnectOregon grant to connect a pedestrian path from Douglas Loop to Oregon City High School was approved.
    Storm Water Improvements
    • The planning team worked with the City of Oregon City during the Master Planning process to review the major land use issues, such as: parking, stormwater management, public transportation, project timelines and permitting requirements.
    • An RFP has been issued for cleaning and scoping the Campus Sewer System. This work will be timed to happen during Spring Break, and CCC’s students in the Wastewater Management Certification program will be able to observe.
    Roof Replacements
    • Roof work is complete on Gregory Forum, Streeter Hall, Lewelling and the Dye Learning center.
    • New skylights are part of the re-roof projects.
    • Roof repairs for 2017 are being planned.