• Duplication & Printing Services

    Services Provided

    • High speed copying 8 1/2 x11, 81/2 x14, 11x17, 12x18
    • One or two sides
    • Color printing/ Electronic address labels
    • Automatic collating, stapling, folding, and three hole punch
    • Scanning to pdf or email

    Duplication offers a range of copy and bindery services for campus printing. This is limited to college material only and is not intended for personal use.

    In order for Duplication to provide the best service and to process your copy jobs promptly and efficiently, please follow the attached guidelines.

    Color Copies

    Full color copies are available in Duplication for 19 cents each side on white 20# paper. Cover stock is slightly more-check with us!

    General Guidelines

    Whenever possible, submit your order on-line.

    But if you can't... you can place your work order with the Copy Work Order form in the basket located at the Duplication Drop Off/Pick Up site in your building. Make sure to follow these guidelines:

    • Originals must be in good shape-no turned corners or ragged edges.
    • Type should be dark and on white paper if possible
    • Originals on dark or very bright colored paper (especially red paper) are impossible to copy and will be returned
    • Use paper clips to keep originals together
    • Keep in mind that pencil or light blue pen will not copy well
    • Keep your originals in order according to your copy work order to prevent mistakes
    • Delays occur when all necessary information is not provided
    • If your flyer or card will be mailed, contact the Mailroom for the appropriate mailing guidelines.
    • On complex jobs, label each section or page as to paper color and any collating or stapling required.
    • Please indicate whether you want bond or the heavier weight index.
    • Obtain ALL copyright permission (if needed) before submitting your order
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