• Resources

    The following resources are available for those affected by sexual assault, gender-based harassment, intimate partner or domestic violence, or stalking.

    Private Resources and Support:

    The following resources are identified as private, in the same way that your student records are private, but are not confidential.   These private resources may share  - and in the case of CCC staff are generally required to share - any CCC-related disclosure of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, dating or domestic violence, or stalking, including all known details, with CCC's Title IX Coordinator.

    This information will be shared with others only on a need-to-know basis or as required by law.


    Title IX Coordinator titleix@clackamas.edu

    CCC Campus Safety Office
    503-594-6650 or 6650 from any campus phone.

    All Faculty and Staff

    Deans and Associate Deans and Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) bit@clackamas.edu

    Human Resources Staff


    Clackamas County Sheriff 
    9-1-1 or 503-785-5000

    Oregon City Police Department
    9-1-1 or 503-657-4964

    Confidential Resources and Support:

    The resources listed in this section are confidential and may not share your information without your expressed consent unless there is imminent danger to self or others, or as otherwise required by law (e.g., mandatory reporting for sexual violence against minors).


    CCC Counseling Department

    Employee Assistance Program (for faculty and staff)
     24-Hour Crisis and Support Line Number


    Clackamas Women's Services (CWS) http://www.cwsor.org
    24-Hour Crisis and Support Line Number, Confidental Advocates Available
    503-654-2288 or 888-654-2288
    CWS serves people of all genders.

    Portland Women's Crisis Line (PWCL)
    24-Hour Crisis and Support Line Number
    503)235-5333 or 888-235-5333

    Clergy members are confidential resources

    Medical Service Providers (e.g. Providence Willamette Falls and other local hospitals) are confidential resources.

    Anonymous Reporting

    CCC Anonymous Sexual Assault Reporting Form

    Other Community and External Resources:

  • Contact our Title IX Coordinator

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: titleix@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-3300