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  • Educational Benefits

    CCC Tuition Waiver

    Tuition Waivers are available to FT staff and PT Faculty for the staff employee and their IRS dependent. What is an IRS dependent?

    Full Time Employees

    Tuition is waived at the time of registration. Fees are the responsibility of the employee and are subjected to "pay now - pay later" policy.

    PT Faculty, retirees and dependents of FT, PT faculty staff and retirees

    After you have registered for your course(s) please email one of the Human Resource staff with your ID number and number of credits. You are responsible for paying associated fees as noted above.

    *PT Faculty - Tuition Waivers are awarded to PT Faculty who have taught classes within a particular time frame. Staff should contact the Human Resource office and review the PT Faculty contract for more information.

    Advanced Degree Program

    CCC and Marylhurst have collaborated to help full-time CCC employees obtain an advanced degree. To be eligible employees must have earned a minimum of an associate degree and have a current professional development plan on file in Human Resources.

    The program offers the following benefit for one class per term:

    • Maryhurst will waive 1/3 of the tuition
    • Clackamas Community College will pay 1/3 of the tuition
    • The remaining 1/3 will need to be paid by the employee

    The college will offers this benefit up to $22,000 overall per fiscal year.

    For those full-time employees pursuing an advanced degree at a college other than Marylhurst, CCC will provide tuition reimbursement for 1/3 of the tuition (provided it does exceed 1/3 the cost of Marylhurst's tuition) for one class per term. To request reimbursement for tuition employees must have a current professional development plan on file in and HR, and the following must be submitted:

    • A request for payment (RFP)
    • Proof of Enrollment
    • Receipts showing payment and number of credits

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    CCC qualifies as a public employer under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. If you have student loans be sure to read about this federal program.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    The college will provide access to EAP through Reliant Behavioral Health, as offered through OEBB. This Benefit is available to PT Faculty, as well.

    Our Reliant Behavioral Health group code is OEBB
    Reliant Behavioral Health Phone: 1-866-750-1327

    Retirement Benefits

    Clackamas Community College is a Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) employer and contributes 6% of employee’s earnings. The employees of CCC cannot contribute additional money to this account.

    If an employee is eligible for PERS retirement and has 12 years of service and hired prior to July 1, 2011 in a full-time position at CCC, the following benefits will be offered:

    • Potential monthly stipend. (Details available in the Human Resource Office).
      • Health and Dental Insurance Benefits - CCC provides medical and dental insurance coverage for retirees and their dependents until the retiree reaches age 65, which is subject upon approval of the carrier and/or stipulated in Collective Bargaining Agreements. CCC's benefit package amount is limited to two part coverage. Per OEBB's Division 50 rule (111-050-0015) states:

        (1) A retiree enrolled in OEBB retiree insurance plan that becomes eligible for Medicare coverage may not continue on an OEBB medical or vision plan, unless they are eligible as a result of end-stage renal disease. OEBB benefits end the last day of the month prior to the Medicare effective date. The retiree is responsible for reporting to their Educational Entity and to OEBB when the retiree is covered by Medicare within 31 days after the Medicare coverage effective date. Failure to report within this timeframe may be considered intentional misrepresentation by OEBB and OEBB may rescind OEBB coverage back to the last day of the month prior to the Medicare effective date.
        Here is the link to the full OAR
    • If a retire falls under the OEBB rule noted above and hasn't reached age 65, CCC will continue to carry the Life Insurance as stipluated below; also, the retiree may continue the dental coverage if so selected until age 65.
      • Life insurance is a maximum of $50,000 for retirees until age 65.
    • Educational Benefits: Tuition waivers for self, spouse and IRS dependents.

    PERS "Perspectives" Newsletter - In April, August, and December PERS releases a newsletter for members. Click here for current and past newsletters.

    Employee Savings Opportunities (Tax Shelter Annuities - TSA)

    CCC offers all employees the opportunity to sign up for a 403b or a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan to help you save for retirement.

    For the 403(b), 457(b), Roth (pre-post tax) and the Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) - contact an agent from the approved listing of CCC Sponsored Retirement Savings Companies representatives.

    Here is information on the 2014 Tax Shelter Annuities and Deferred compensation limits:

    Oregon Savings Growth Plan

    To sign up for the Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) print out the application and payroll deduction agreement forms, fill out and turn in to the Human Resource office.

    For additional information on 403b/457 such as changing companies, locating CCC's Plan Document etc. please contact Carruth Compliance Consulting.

    Paid Holidays

    Clackamas Community College has ten paid holidays during the fiscal year. Observation of these holidays will be determined by the academic calendar.

    Independence DayJuly 4
    Labor DayFirst Monday in September
    Veterans DayNovember 11
    Thanksgiving DayFourth Thursday in November
    Friday after ThanksgivingFourth Friday in November
    The Working day Before or After ChristmasVaries
    Christmas DayDecember 25
    New Year's DayJanuary 1
    Martin Luther King DayThird Monday in January
    Presidents' DayThird Monday in February
    Memorial DayLast Monday in May

    If a holiday falls on Saturday, Friday will be observed as the paid holiday; if a holiday falls on Sunday, Monday will be observed as the paid holiday. In the event that New Year’s Day or Independence Day occurs on a Sunday, the College may schedule the holiday on the preceding Friday.

    TriMet Pass Benefit

    Clackamas Community College allows faculty and staff to purchase TriMet passes with their pretax salary dollars. Depending on tax bracket and filing status faculty and staff may save up to 30% on TriMet passes.

    For more details please read the FAQs. To participate complete the Salary Reduction Agreement.

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