• High School Connections Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know what High School Connections programs I can participate in?

     Students may only participate in HS Connections programs that their specific high school participates in. For each of our programs, the list of participating schools are listed on the website. Students are often taking classes in multiple programs each term and/or throughout the school year. However, it is important to understand that timelines, expectations and deadlines may differ from program to program, and that it is very important to know what is expected for each class that you take.

    Homeschooled Students: because HS Connections program participation is based on a contracts with high schools, students must be connected to a school (public, charter or private) that participates to be eligible for any or all of the HS Connections programs.


    Does participation in HS Connections programs make me a college student?

     Yes! For all of the HS Connections programs, you must be enrolled at Clackamas Community College as a student. This gives you access to all of the same benefits as a traditional CCC student. You can get a student ID card, use the library, get into sporting events and much more. Even though you may be a high school student, by participating in HS Connections, you are a college student too.

    What is the difference between applying to CCC and registering?

     When you fill out an application, you are applying to become a student to CCC. This is only to be once and will create a unique student email and password for your student account. If you have ever taken any community or drivers education, or participated in a CCC activity before, you most likely will already have a CCC account. Once your CCC account has been created, you will use your account information to register for your classes. Registration will need to happen term by term, depending on your participation in the HS Connections programs.

    How do I know when I need to register for my classes?
    For all of our HS Connections programs except High School Career Technical Education (HS CTE), registration is done online within a specified time frame. It is up to the student to register on time. If the registration deadline was missed, there is no grace beyond that deadline. Registration dates and instructions can be found online at www.clackamas.edu/acc/register.


    How much do college credits cost while I am in high school?

     Advanced College Credit: $10 a credit – students on Free and Reduced Lunch qualify for a fee waiver to waive these fees (see your HS counselor if you qualify)

     HS CTE, High School Plus and Expanded Options:  Costs are covered by the School District

     Smart Internships: $25.00 flat fee per term for up to 6 credits

    How do I know what college credit I have? Where does it go?

     Once you begin participating in any of the HS Connections programs and begin to earn college credit, you start building a college transcript. This transcript lists all the college classes you have taken and the grades you have earned. As a college student, you are responsible for the grades in your college classes. Your college transcript will be with you forever. If you ever plan to transfer to another institution, you will most likely need to send your transcripts to them from CCC. Information about how to send transcripts can be found at www.clackamas.edu/transcripts.

    How will I know if the college credits I earn while in high school will transfer to another institution?

     Whenever a student is transferring college credit to one institution to another, it is always up to the receiving institution on how those credits will transfer and apply. Before registering for your classes, it is recommended that you reach out to your potential transfer school to see if your credits will transfer smoothly into you potential degree path.

    What is the difference between ACC and Advanced Placement (AP) classes?

     ACC: The ACC program is a local partnership between CCC and area high schools. The high school submits courses and instructors for approval to grant college credit. The college reviews instructor credentials to meet our hiring standards and departments review course curriculum for alignment with the college curriculum.

     AP: AP is a national program run by the College Board with standardized curriculum and a standardized exam. Credit may be awarded based on the score earned on this exam. Each college and university has their own policy of how they award credit based on the AP exam scores.

    Is it too late to register for a class I could have earned college credit for last year?

     Unfortunately, late registration is not accepted. Students must register online during the registration dates listed the HS Connections program websites. 

    What is a FERPA release? Do I need one?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides students with specific rights regarding their academic records. A FERPA release authorizes the student's academic record information to be released to whoever is specified. Expanded Options students are required to fill out a FERPA release every year to authorize the release of information to their high school and their parent or guardian. If a parent calls on a students behalf requesting account information, the college cannot release it to them unless the student has filled out and signed a FERPA release. Students in any of our other High School Connections programs can fill out a FERPA release online at (Link coming soon!).


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