• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to make an appointment to see an advisor for?

    Advising Services that require an appointment include: Academic probation & suspension; TAA funding paperwork; Financial Aid extension or Unusual Enrollment educational plans; and long-term educational plans (three or more terms).

    If you are required to complete an educational plan for a Extension of Financial Aid or Unusual Enrollment, you must first have official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities evaluated before you meet with an academic advisor. All credits may not be used towards your degree program, however, you are still required to have your transcripts evaluated before you schedule an appointment with an advisor.

    To have your transcripts evaluated:

    1. Contact your previous schools and request official transcripts be sent to CCC.
      Clackamas Community College
      c/o Graduation Services
      19600 Molalla Ave.
      Oregon City, OR 97045
    2. When CCC receives your transcripts, Graduation Services will email your myClackamas student account notifying you we have received your transcripts. You must reply to this email to have your transcripts evaluated. Once you have replied to the email, we will begin the evaluation of your transcripts.
    3. When the evaluation process of your transcripts is complete, we will email your myClackamas account once again to notify you of the results of your evaluation. At this time, you may schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

     To schedule an appointment call: 503-594-3475 or email at advising@clackamas.edu.

    Why won't the system let me register? (I have a hold on my account and I can’t register for classes)
    If you are not able to register for your CCC classes, you may have a hold on your account prohibiting your registration. This may be due to your current academic standing, or you may have an outstanding balance due to the college. If you have an academic standing hold on your account, please see our Academic Standing information page for steps to remove your hold. If you are unsure of why you cannot register, please contact Enrollment Services at 503-594-6100.
    How do I contact and/or find my instructor?
    You can find your instructor information by viewing your class schedule on your myClackamas account. Clink on the link for the class on your schedule and it will provide you with the instructors email information. If you need additional contact information for an instructor, you can also search on our college directory through our website.
    Am I ready/how do I graduate?
    If you think you are ready or close to graduation, you can print out a copy of your academic evaluation and drop in to meet with an advisor to check your progress. You must complete an application to be able to graduate called a Petition for Graduation. Your petition should be turned in at least two terms before the term you would like to graduate from Clackamas Community College. You can also complete a Petition for Graduation through your myClackamas account by logging in and clicking on "Account Information" then "Petition for Graduation".
    What is an Academic Evaluation?
    An academic evaluation shows a student what classes are required to complete a certain degree, which courses the student has completed that will apply towards that degree, and what classes they have left to complete the degree selected. A student can print out an academic evaluation for any of the certificate or degree programs offered at CCC. Students who come in to see an advisor should come prepared with a print out of the academic evaluation of the degree they are hoping to receive. For information about how to print out your academic evaluation, please see our Registration Information page.
  • Registering for Classes

    Fall 2014 Registration Schedule






    Tuesday May 20th



    Tuesday May 20th



    Wednesday May 21st



    Wednesday May 21st



    Thursday May 22nd



    Thursday May 22nd



    Friday May 23rd


    Open Registration

    Friday May 23rd



    **NOTE**   Students are able to register for classes until the end of the 1st week of Fall term (Oct. 5th), without instructor approval. Students can register during the 2nd week of Fall term, but must receive instructor approval for each course added during the 2nd week. Students may register until the end of the 2nd week of the term (Oct. 10th) without any additional fees.

    Choosing your classes
    1. Advance your Placement Test scores
      •  We recommend you being your education by registering for your placement courses. These classes are foundation courses from which other courses will build
    2.  Choose program related courses 
      • For a list of CCC degree and certificate programs, please view the current CCC catalog to find which courses are required for your program of study. (Click here for the AAOT course requirements, and herefor the ASOT course requirements)
      • Don't know what program you want to study? Think about enrolling in our HD-140 Career Explorations course!
    3.  Sign up for Student Success courses 
      • HD 120 - College Success (1 credit) FREE FALL 2014!
      • HD 121 - College Success Expanded (3 credits)
      • EL 103 - Effective Note Taking (1 credit) FREE FALL 2014!
      • EL 111 - College Study Skills (3 credits)
    4.  Select a course of interest 
      •  Take a course that interests you! These are generally called "elective credits". The number of elective credits varies depending on your program of study. Consult the CCC Catalog or an Academic Advisor for more information.
    5.  Are you a New student?
      • If you are a new student and would like assistance with registering for your classes, and to speak with an Academic Advisor, sign up for a New Student Advising session here.


    How many credits do you want to take?

    Do you want to be full time?

    • Full time = 12+ credits
    • 3/4 time = 9-11 credits
    • Part-Time = 6-8 credits

    Things to consider?

    • Family and Friends
    • Commute time
    • Study time
    • Extracurricular activities

      Other Resources:


     Create Your Own Schedule

    Ideas for the working student

    For at least your first term, consider the following guidelines

    Hours of work per weekMaximum suggested credits
    40 hours6 credits
    30 hours9 credits
    20 hours12 credits
    < 20 hours12+ credits
    IMPORTANT! Registration Dates & Deadlines
    How to Register for Classes

    Ways to Register

    1. Online
      •  Log-on tomyClackamas. Go to "Registration" on the left-hand menu, then click "Register for Classes"
    2. In Person
      • You can register in person on any of our 3 campuses.


    What is an Academic Evaluation?

    An academic evaluation shows a student what classes are required to complete a certain degree, which courses the student has completed that will apply towards that degree, and what classes they have left to complete the degree selected. A student can print out an academic evaluation for any of the certificate or degree programs offered at CCC. Students who come in to see an advisor should come prepared with a print out of the academic evaluation of the degree they are hoping to receive. 

    How to Print an Academic Evaluation

  • Advising Resources

    Student Support Services

    Learning Center
    The Learning Center at Clackamas Community College offers a welcoming environment for students. It is an open and accessible space, and inspires people to engage in lifetime learning. The center is located in the Dye Building on the Oregon City campus and offers a variety of computer labs, tutoring, and academic services.

    Career Center
    We have installed a new Career Center located in our Community Center building on the Oregon City campus. In an effort to provide you with career exploration tools and assist with your employment goals we have developed a comprehensive list of resources and referral partners. Please use the Career Center webpage to help you determine which service may be of the most help. You may self-refer using our online referral links.

    Counselors are available to provide retention and support services which help students benefit from their experience at Clackamas Community College. Counselors at CCC help students develop career goals and to design a path of education or training that will help them reach those goals. Short term personal counseling and referrals to community resources are provided to students to help identify and overcome barriers that are interfering with success. Counselors also teach courses related to academic strategies and applied life skills. These classes are designed to improve career, personal, and academic achievement.

    Disability Resource Center
    At Clackamas Community College, the Disability Resource Center is part of Student Academic and Support Services, and our goal is to help students succeed. If you have a documented disability — permanent or temporary, whether physical, mental or sensory — we can help you receive reasonable accommodations. These services are designed to support your academic success by creating a welcoming, inclusive and accessible environment at CCC.

    VET Center
    We welcome men and women who have served in the U.S. military to connect with us at our award winning Vet Center to see why the Military Times Edge named Clackamas Community College as the only Oregon College to make the list of top 100 Veterans Educational Service providers for our policies and resources, ranking us 40th nationwide! Whether you are seeking a certificate program, a technical degree, a two-year degree, or are looking to transfer to a four-year school, our staff at CCC will provide a wide range of services for Veterans

    Associated Student Government

    Clackamas Community College Associated Student Government (CCCASG) holds a passion for serving others through our work and activities at the college, state, and even federal levels. The ASG represents the student body at CCC, and participating members must meet the ethical and behavioral standards of their unique office. As the voice for all students, “servant leadership” - as opposed to personal gain - is our common drive.

    GPA Calculators

    How to Calculate your GPA

    • Determine your GPA using this helpful GPA calculator
    What If? GPA Calculator
    •   Trying to determine what you GPA will be with the grades you have? Use this helpful too to determine what your GPA will be if.....

    Target GPA Calculator

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    Academic Evaluation How To
  • Contact our Advising Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: advising@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-3475