• Transfer Resources

    The Transfer Student Resource Center Moodle page is designed for students who plan on completing a transfer degree at Clackamas Community College. It provides information on upcoming CCC campus visits by colleges and universities, transfer planning and contact information for academic advising and counseling for transfer students.

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    Degree Partnerships (Co-Admissions)

    If your goal is a four-year degree, CCC’s degree partnerships can help you get there, saving time and money in the process. We offer degree partnerships, or dual enrollments, at three Oregon universities: Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State and Portland State. The process is easy. Completing one application enrolls you at both schools and starts you on a seamless path to your degree.

    Benefits of degree partnerships include: 

    • Lower tuition costs
    • One application and one application fee
    • Easier transition from community college to university
    • Coordinated financial aid for qualified students
    • Four-year school advisors available at both campuses
    • Flexible scheduling with more course options
    • Access to student services, college facilities and campus activities at both

    Our Partners:

    Oregon Tech

    At Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), students have opportunities for hands-on learning with faculty who retain their connection to industry and technology. Oregon Tech is known for its small classes and bachelor’s degree programs in engineering, technology, health professions, applied sciences and management. OIT has locations in Klamath Falls, LaGrande, andthe Portland metro area. The Portland East campus is located on Harmony Road near Clackamas Community College, a convenient option for many students.

    Oregon State University

    Are you a Beaver at heart? Oregon State is nationally recognized for its high quality of education. As Oregon’s largest research university, Oregon State provides exceptional opportunities for students to participate in research. The 400-acre campus allows for students to learn, study, play, and participate in a beautiful environment. Students have access to more than 300 clubs and organizations through the university. OSU encourages you to develop thinking skills, as well as job skills. OSU graduates make a measurable, positive difference in Oregon and beyond.

    Portland State University

    Portland State University, located in downtown Portland, is known for student-centered learning that connects academics to real-life with field-based experiences, internships, and classroom projects with community partners. Students participate in research and community service that reflect the issues important to the region and foster sustainability.

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