• Assessment of Student Learning

    Ensuring that our students learn, and grow as learners is one of the most important responsibilities we have. By continually examining, questioning, and improving the effectiveness of instruction, we ensure and maintain quality in our courses and programs and support our own growth and development as professional educators.

    Assessing student learning outcomes is a means to an end. It is a purposeful, systematic, evidence-based process through which we create the best conditions for learning, share and encourage best practices, and inspire creativity and innovation.

    Student learning assessment is challenging, but analyzing and discussing student learning can be some of the most inspiring and fulfilling activities in which we participate. Student success is our passion and a well-designed, ongoing assessment process enriches both the teacher and the learner.

    These pages are meant to give a brief overview of assessment at Clackamas Community College by providing some basic information and resources related to the development and assessment of student learning outcomes and program review.