• Shuttle Schedule

    CCC Shuttle (65x80)The CCC Xpress Shuttle runs between the MAX Green Line at the Clackamas Town Center, the Oregon City campus, and the Harmony campus. Service is provided Monday-Friday during the fall, winter, and spring terms.  The shuttle is free and open to the public.

    At the Clackamas Town Center, the shuttle stop is located under the MAX Green Line parking garage. At the Oregon City campus, the shuttle stop is located at the bus turnaround near the Bill Brod Community Center. Shuttle 1:Clairmont also provides service to Clairmont Hall in the western parking lot. At the Harmony campus, the shuttle stop is in front of the CCC Harmony building. The full schedule is posted below.

    For an accessible ride, contact the Disability Resource Center at drc@clackamas.edu or 503-594-6357. For best possible response, please call 24 hours in advance.

  • + Spring Term 2017


    Shuttle Schedule

    • Limited service during Finals Week on June 12-14 ONLY
    • No service for Summer Term

    Contact Associated Student Government at 503-594-3040 with questions and comments.

    To Oregon City
    To Harmony & Clackamas Town Center
    To Oregon City
    Leave CTC Clairmont Arrive OC
    6:45am   7:02am
    7:20am 7:43am 7:46am
    7:37am   7:57am
    8:15am 8:35am 8:38am
    8:31am   8:48am
    9:04am 9:24am 9:27am
    9:23am   9:39am
    9:52am 10:11am 10:14am
    10:14am   10:30am
    10:38am 10:57am 11:00am
    11:04am   11:20am
    11:25am 11:42am 11:45am
    11:55am   12:12pm
    12:10pm 12:28pm 12:31pm
    12:46pm   1:03pm
    12:56pm 1:14pm 1:17pm
    1:37pm   1:53pm
    1:52pm 2:11pm 2:14pm
    2:29pm   2:46pm
    2:40pm 2:59pm 3:02pm
    3:22pm   3:39pm
    3:38pm 3:58pm 4:01pm
    4:16pm   4:37pm
    4:26pm  4:46pm 4:49pm
    5:14pm   5:35pm
    5:24pm 5:46pm 5:49pm
    6:14pm 6:38pm 6:41pm
    Leave OC Harmony Arrive CTC
    7:07am 7:28am 7:34am
    7:51am   8:10am
    8:02am 8:22am 8:28am
    8:43am   8:59am
    8:53am 9:12am 9:20am
    9:32am   9:47am
    9:44am 10:03am 10:11am
    10:19am   10:33am
    10:35am 10:54am 11:01am
    11:05am   11:20am
    11:25am 11:45am 11:52am
    11:50am   12:05pm
    12:17pm 12:36pm 12:43pm
    12:36pm   12:51pm
    1:08pm 1:27pm 1:34pm
    1:22pm   1:37pm
    1:58pm 2:19pm 2:26pm
    2:19pm   2:35pm
    2:51pm 3:12pm 3:19pm
    3:17pm   3:33pm
    3:44pm 4:04pm 4:13pm
    4:06pm   4:21pm
    4:42pm 5:03pm 5:11pm
    4:54pm   5:09pm
    5:40pm 6:01pm 6:09pm
    5:54pm   6:09pm
    6:46pm   7:01pm
    Leave CTC Clairmont Arrive OC
    7:20am 7:43am 7:46am
    8:15am 8:35am 8:38am
    9:04am 9:24am 9:27am
    9:52am 10:11am 10:14am
    10:38am 10:57am 11:00am
    11:25am 11:42am 11:45am

    To Clackamas Town Center
    Leave OC Arrive CTC
    7:51am 8:10am
    8:43am 8:59am
    9:32am 9:47am
    10:19am 10:33am
    11:05am 11:20am
    11:50am 12:05pm
  • Contact our Associated Student Government

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: asgadmin@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-3040