• Bond Measure 3-447 Highlights

    In November 2014, voters in the Clackamas Community College district approved a $90 million bond measure that is being used to update and expand college classrooms and labs and modernize equipment to meet industry standards. Passage of the bond also results in CCC receiving $16 million in state matching funds, which will be used to support the Industrial Technical Center and Harmony West. The CCC Foundation is also raising an additional $5 million in 2016-17 to supplement the bond.

    The bond measure was developed after a two-year community engagement process, asking the community what they most valued and needed from the college today and in the future. The bond projects address the requests during this process. Career Technical and Transfer Degrees were identified as the top two areas for strategic improvement.

    Clackamas Community College has 27 buildings on three campuses in Oregon City, the Harmony Community Campus in North Clackamas and the Wilsonville Training Center. These projects would allow students to complete a two-year degree at any of the three campuses. Implementation of the bond projects includes opportunities for students, area businesses and local workforce.

  • Bond Project Goals

    The goals of the bond projects are to:

    • Increase local access to affordable educational programs that will allow students to transfer to four-year universities or obtain training for family-wage jobs.
    • Train students in high-demand careers, such as nursing, engineering and manufacturing.
    • Update and modernize equipment so students are adequately trained to meet current industry standards.
    Bond Projects Overview

    Major projects in the bond measure include:

    Harmony West
    Industrial Technical Center
    DeJardin Science Addition
    Student Services/Community Commons Building
    Facilities & Campus Upgrades 

    These projects are designed to:

    • Expand, update and modernize equipment and facilities for training in high-demand careers, including health care, science and engineering
    • Improve existing buildings by replacing worn-out electrical, heating, ventilation and plumbing systems
    • Replace the 61-year-old building at the Harmony Community Campus with an updated workforce development and training facility
    • Improve student access to critical resources by co-locating financial aid, advising, career counseling and other services
    Affected Programs
    • Harmony West will help students working toward a Health Sciences certificate or degree complete their program entirely on the Harmony campus and expand the Health Sciences programs.
    • The Industrial Technical Center will expand facilities for students studying Manufacturing, various Technology programs, Machining and other career technical education programs.
    • The DeJardin Science Addition will expand facilities for students studying Biology, Chemistry and other STEM programs.
    • The Student Services/Community Commons Building will co-locate a majority of the student support services such as financial aid, advising, career coaching, counseling, food services and many others.
    • Facilities & Campus Upgrades will improve existing buildings across the three campuses by replacing worn-out electrical, heating, ventilation and plumbing systems.
    Community Engagement

    More than 2,000 people completed surveys through Imagine Clackamas. CCC also conducted a random survey of 382 Clackamas County voters. The priorities for the school were similar: maintain affordable, local educational programs, increase access to high-demand careers and provide more training for family-wage jobs.

    Prior to the passage of Bond Measure 3-447, the community participated in several open houses on each campus as well as heard nearly 100 reports on the bond measure. Since the passage of the bond measure, the CCC Board of Education has committed to continuing that community engagement during the life of the bond. For up-to-date information on important community engagement events, please see our In The News page.

    Previous Bond Measure
    Voters approved a bond for $47 million in 2000 for six new buildings on the Oregon City campus. The facility at Harmony Road was completed in 2008. The projects were completed on budget.
    Tax Information
    The bond will raise $90 million by maintaining an average tax rate of $.19 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The bond will be structured to keep any initial increase as low as possible and reduce the rate to taxpayers over the life of the bond.